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The best sport-health formula to provide to millions
of people a healthy mind and body
Video Game
AI-Data Driven Training Technology

•Video and Motion Analytics

•Performance metrics gamification

•Digital Biomarkers

•Metaverse services

•Blockchain data security,

•Smart contracts

Senior Men Playing Chess
Smart TT Club v3.png
Innovation with social Impact and inclusion
We care for minority population with specific needs.
Deep Table Tennis Sport Know-How

•Table Tennis Experts Committee Support

•Knowledge base of technical exercises

•Training programs adapted to needs of patients and players.

Sport Psychology & Clinical Scientific Evidence

•Healthcare Professionals Committee Support

•Research Studies of training programs and technology

•PETTLEP Model visualization

•Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

•Motivational Interviewing

Smart TT Studio 5.0
Video Analytics Platform for Sport-Health Training Programs Creation
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