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About Us

Founded in 2022, Ping4All is a Sport-HealthTech Company bringing together people with the talent, passion and deep knowledge about table tennis sport, technology innovation and supported by scientific evidence. We are focused on creating the best formula of training powered by AI to live a healthier lifestyle the longest possible.

Our vision is to provide best sport-health data-driven formula to maximize and preserve the physical and cognitive capabilities of seniors and children.


Our mission is to make a social impact with inclusion in healthcare and education with innovative products and services inspired by table tennis sport and technology innovation.

Ping4All Team_v4.png


We have the background experience, proven track record and vision to succeed.


Ricardo Polar

Founder, CEO, CTO 

MS Computer Science, MBA, Serial Entrepreneur, Innovation Management
  • Linkedin

Corporate experience with

+10 years project technical leader in Medical technology innovation of awarded and patented products


Christelle Mertens

Founder, Advisor Clinical Officer

Clinical, Health and Cyber-Psychologist
  • Linkedin

+10 Years of authentic social engagement for the service of wellness and psychotherapies with seniors and kids.

Renato Walkowiak

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Sport-Health Specialist,Sport Clubs Management Expert

  • Linkedin

Ping4Alzheimer Asbl founder

+10 Years of sport-health therapeutics program creator and

+20 Years of sport clubs management


Hugo Alatrista

Chief Data Officer, CDO

PhD Senior Data Scientist,
  • Linkedin

+70 Scientific publications in top journals

Principal researcher in academia and industry experience


Vincent Kempfer

Chief Sales Officer

Sport Coach Specialist, Commercial Relations Management
  • Linkedin

+10 Years of Pro TT coaching,

+10 TT Pro player

+5 Years leading sales and client relations

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