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Because Sharper Minds and Bodies Are for All

Focused on your Wellness, Healthcare Prevention and Performance


Ping4All has designed programs for all ages, powered by AI, whatever your level. Our training programs are unlike anything available today. We combine knowledge of table tennis and AI to help optimize and personalize your sessions.

AI Comes to the Table to Help Boost Mental & Physical Skills

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Training coaching services designed by table tennis experts  to boost the physical and cognitive capabilities of children based on an Olympic sport.

Our programs and technology are designed to improve the physical and cognitive development of children and adults based on personalized exercises.

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Table Tennis in a Wheelchair

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About Ping4All

Founded in 2022, Ping4All is a Sport-HealthTech Company bringing together people with the talent, passion and deep knowledge about table tennis sport, technology innovation and supported by scientific evidence. We are focused on providing training programs and protocols powered by AI to live a healthier lifestyle the longest possible.

Our vision is to provide the best sport-health data-driven formula to maximize and preserve the physical and cognitive capabilities of seniors and children.


Our mission is to make a social impact with inclusion in healthcare and education with innovative products and services inspired by table tennis sport and technology innovation.

Table Tennis Tournament

Prevention becomes a gift better than a cure when the way to secure a healthy future is by making an active lifestyle your present.

Support our research and be part of the future 

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