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Cancer Remission and Well-being

Offer an innovative healing journey by providing accessible and personalized digital therapy

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SmartTTCare offers you an innovative digital therapeutics solution based on sport science and AI.

A regular physical activity, cognitive training, and social link enabler inspired by one of the most popular sports as table tennis.

Thanks to Satcom 5G, our digital therapy could be accessible to patients anywhere, anytime, improving their quality of life and reducing the healthcare costs during their healing journey.  


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The patient in remission will become an active participant in their recovery.

They will be supported throughout their remission journey.

An effective therapy through sports.

With tailored sessions, 3 times a week.

Unique content for each profile.

Created by top European experts, with a personalized recommendation system.

Easy to implement.

Quick-to-install equipment, without needing specific technical knowledge.

They will maintain strong long-term motivation.

With a gamification system, they can also share their practice with the community.

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